Innovating with Accessibility in Mind

Marcy Sutton – Bellingham, WA, USA

Physical disabilities +
technology =

Vision loss +
technology =
employment opportunities

Image: tandem biking with Elle, Laura and Steve (who are blind)

Hearing loss +
technology =
an equal playing field

Autism =
unique perspective

1/5 of the population

has some kind of disability

More than old IE users!

Accessibility starts with UX

Accessibility is about software quality

Accessibility and CI

@ Fluent Thursday, 3:35-4:15pm
Location: 210 AE

Websites don’t have to be boring to be accessible

Simply Accessible website

Target Corporate website 2013

Accessibility can be

Blackboard keyboard demo

Consider alternate inputs

Input modalities

Examples of input modalities in interactive tabletop systems

Future Code: mind control with JavaScript

Switch Control


  • Accessibility impacts us all.
  • It starts with UX!
  • It’s about software quality.
  • It doesn't have to be boring.
  • You can start now!


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