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Shipping code

with humans, computers


I don’t understand tests. If my code breaks, I get errors. I know already.

- Heydon Pickering

I don’t really understand tests either tbh 😂

- Una Kravets

What’s the Deal
with Testing?!?

Marcy Sutton – Senior Front-End Engineer, Deque Systems

Testing, you say?

  • Why write automated tests?
  • Do I really have to?
  • How do I, even?

Designing software components

Maintaining Quality

Working with People

Documenting functionality

Making Bugs Easier to Find & Fix

The goal is to have a steady ratio of code to bugs and a healthy amount of time required to find them

Leveling Up

How I started

Reveal.js on Github Reveal.js with test folder pointed out Reveal.js test directory Reveal.js test document Reveal.js test document

Manual vs.
Automated Testing

...or no testing?


The human mind has limits. We can only remember so many things; we can really only concentrate on one thing at a time.

- Jeff Sutherland

People forget. Look at Home Alone. They forgot.

We need all the help
we can get.

Front-End Testing

  • Accessibility support 👍
  • Reusable components 👍
  • Code that lives on 👍
  • Stuff that breaks 👍


Where do tests live?

Testing tools word cloud

Test location examples in Sublime Text

Tests in axe-devtools-react Tests in axe-core

It’s Meta!

Kramer's coffee table book on coffee tables

How to Test?

Marky Markdown youtube test file

Testing types

Unit, integration, acceptance, functional, accessibility, regression, end-to-end, performance, continuous integration, snapshot, verification


Encourage ROI by:
👉 doing key testing first
👉 reducing redundancy
👉 automating effectively

Test the outcome,
not the implementation

Talk: How to stop hating your tests

  • Arrange

  • Act

  • Assert

Inputs and Outputs

  it('should generate a table with multiple columns and rows', () => {
    const items = [['x', 'y'], ['a', 'b'], ['c', 'd']]
    const result = AsciiTable.table(items)
Difference between an integration and mocking inputs for an isolated unit test
-Matlab Mocking Framework

Unit test qualities

  • Test in isolation 👍
  • Inputs: stubs/fixture data 👍
  • Often headless 👍
  • Fast changing of state 👍

Here’s a Unit Test

  it('should take a node as a parameter and return an object', () => {
    var node = document.createElement('p');
    node.textContent = 'Do do do do doo....' +
      'Bum bum bum bum bum, bum bum bum...';

    var result = new DqElement(node);


Unit testing is a balance between development velocity and ROI

Ashley Williams 💭

Integration Testing

  • In real browsers 👍
  • Selenium Webdriver 👍
  • Test common permutations 👍
  • A little slower ✌️

Integration Test

 it('should focus the next tab on [arrow right]', async function() {
   const found = await helper.pressKeyUntil(this.driver, Key.TAB, 
     _ => document.activeElement.getAttribute('role') === 'tab'

   await this.driver.executeScript(_ => {
     window.firstTab = document.querySelector('[role="tablist"] > [role="tab"]:nth-of-type(1)');
     window.secondTab = document.querySelector('[role="tablist"] > [role="tab"]:nth-of-type(2)');
   await this.driver.actions().sendKeys(Key.ARROW_RIGHT).perform();
   const focusedSecondTab = await this.driver.executeScript(_ => 
     window.secondTab === document.activeElement

Integration Use Cases

  • Composing modules together
  • Focus management
  • Navigation
  • Form validation
  • Page-level functionality

There’s a gradient from unit to integration based on how many external things the test touches and how many of those you mock.

-Alex Early

Writing Testable Code

Code needs enough logic to test

  var person = {
    firstName: 'Kimmy',
    get userName() {
        return `@${this.firstName}`.toLowerCase();
    set username (name) {
        var fragments = name.toString().split('@');
        this.firstName = fragments[1];
  person.username = '@aretha';
  console.log(person.firstName); // aretha

Code under test
must be portable

Tests shouldn’t require
one-to-one changes in code

Readable and compact

Snapshot Testing

Jest Snapshot
-Jest docs

Visual Snapshot Testing

Storyshots diff
-Klarna Engineering

Snapshot Testing Tools

  • Jest
  • React Storybook
  • Storyshots

Use tools to focus manual testing on exact component states requiring human attention

Visual Testing — the pragmatic way to test UIs

Accessibility Automation

Finding Empathy

Low-hanging #a11y fruit

  • Keyboard support*
  • HTML markup
  • ARIA attributes
  • Color contrast

aXe Extension for Chrome

axe-core on npm

Testing with axe-core

    var axe = require('axe-core');

    describe('Component accessibility', () => {
      var dropdown = new FancyDropdown();

      it('should have no violations on load', (done) => {, {}, (err, results) => {
      it('should have no violations when opened', (done) => {;, {}, (err, results) => {

Frame testing with axe-webdriverjs

    var AxeBuilder = require('axe-webdriverjs'),
        WebDriver = require('selenium-webdriver');
    var driver = new WebDriver.Builder().build();

    describe('Homepage accessibility', () => {
      it('should have no violations', (done) => {    
          .then(function () {
            AxeBuilder(driver).analyze((results) => {

Accessibility Testing Tips

  • Use your keyboard
  • Test multiple states
  • We can’t automate everything
  • Start with a checklist

Test and refactor as you go along, don’t get buried with technical debt


  • Tests are important for teams
  • Protect yourself from yourself
  • Spend less time hunting down bugs
  • Spend more time shipping code
  • It’s about quality software

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